Hello 2020 girls Beach Volleyball team! If you are new to the program, I’m Coach Sean.


From what I’ve heard there is a lot of interest in our club for the Spring 2020 season! That's great news! It shows how far we have come from only 7 players the first season, to a third-place finish last year in the playoffs. 


With expansion comes new issues we'll have to deal with. #1 We are limited to only three courts for practice one day a week at Westview. #2 There is only one of me, meaning we have no assistant to help with coaching, so we’ll have to help each other! #3 I know a lot of you play indoor club which can cause conflicts with practice and matches when trying to do both. I will do my best to create a schedule that can accommodate both as much as possible.

I know that most of the indoor clubs had their tryouts already. So, if you made a team, you should already know your practice times. (I’m not sure if the spring beach clubs have their schedule out yet?)  

Please go to the following Google Survey and answer the following questions so we can get an idea of the number of players, contact information, skill level, and commitment of play to our beach program, as well as your indoor club information. This will allow me to better prepare for tryouts and the season.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming season and meeting all the new players as well as seeing my returning players!

Let's go BRONCO's!

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